15 Highest NATURAL Vitamin C Sources

I have been taking my Vitamin C dutifully for years until a few months ago when I read that much of the synthetic vitamin C which we take may be sourced from China, and having known all along that many supplements are filled with other fillers, which we may never know what combination or how much, I decided that it was time that I reassessed how I should obtain my Vitamin C source. 

This started my journey into investigating, reading and researching about Vitamin C, aiming to look for Natural Sources of Vitamin C.

For the general people, “Citrus Fruit” connotes Vitamin C.  However, how many of you know that many VEGETABLES carry MORE Vitamin C than fruits?   

After doing research and reading, I realize that I do not need supplemental Vitamin C as I actually consume quite a bit of Vitamin C from my favourite vegetables and what I grow in my organic vegetable garden.  In fact, the highest Vitamin C carriers of foods are both the Red and Green Capsicums(1900mg/100g serve),  followed by the Acerola berries(1677mg/100g serve), though not so widely available.

Most Peppers, which are so readily available take the top places for high sources of Vitamin C:

  1. Red & Green Capsicum            1900mg

    4.    Green HOT Chilli                      242mg

    6.    Yellow Capsicum                      183mg

    9.    Red HOT Chilli                         144mg

I have always known that Parsley is high in Vitamin C(8th; 149mg) but was surprised to find the other herb in my garden, Chives, topping the 3rd place(660mg) for Vitamin C source.  I love Orange Juice especially in summer, the 100% OJ; not from the concentrates;  OJ takes the 11th place(138mg).   A favourite green vegetable of mine is Kale(130mg) and I like the taste of the big Mustard Spinach, though I do not come across often.  Next time, I will just have to get the tender ones to benefit Vitamin C to its optimum.

For those who do not like HOT stuff, it is more advisable to be eating the different-coloured Capsicums than to eat 8-13x more of the HOT chillis to get the equivalent amount of Vitamin C.

Parsley is a good source of vitamins and minerals and has 8% more of Vitamin C than Orange Juice.  I have been feeding my dogs Parsley for its high calcium and vitamin C content for almost a decade now.  Therefore, do eat every bit of parsley you find on the plate and not let it sit as an embellishment and get thrown at the end of your meal; however,  do remember that Parsley is a diuretic for those of concern.

My delver into Vitamin C has checked out that I (no other medical conditions) do not need to supplement SYNTHETIC Vitamin C to “boost” the level in my body as I have already a good amount of Natural Vitamin C from my daily intake of vegetables, if not from fruit.  What about you? (Ensure that you speak to your medical practitioner especially if you are prescribed with Vitamin C)


Foods Highest in Vitamin C in Fruits & Vegetables (based on 100g serve)

  1. Red & Green Capsicum         1900mg
  2. Acerola                                   1677mg
  3. Chives                                      660mg
  4. Green HOT Chilli                      242mg
  5. Guava                                        228mg
  6. Yellow Capsicum & Lychee    183mg
  7. Blackcurrant                             181mg
  8. Parsley                                      149mg
  9. Red HOT Chilli                          144mg
  10. Horseradish tree Pods             141mg
  11. Orange juice                              138mg
  12. Poke (pokeberry shoots)          136mg
  13. Kale & Mustard Spinach(tendergreen) 130mg
  14. Lemon peel                                129mg
  15. White Grapefruit juice               120mg  

{Data Compiled from Self Nutrition Data}

Most foods above are assessed in its Fresh and Raw form, however, please refer to Self Nutrition Data for more details.

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