Part 1 GE Salmon -What SALMON are you eating? – MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!!

(one of the first biologists who discovered that BC wild salmon were positively-tested for the dangerous European salmon viruses linked with worldwide Salmon-Farming; something that the Canadian government is still fighting to suppress)


“Serious concerns about high levels of contaminants in farm-raised salmon…originate in wild salmon, courtesy of environmental pollution. These toxic contaminants bind to the fat molecules in wild fish, and when these fish are ground up for use in fish meal together with added high-fat fish oils, these molecules can enter your body where they bind to your cells.”

“Cause health problems…pose a very serious threat to the health of your unborn children….90 percent of the accumulated toxins in your body (is dumped) into the body of your first-born child. More toxins are later expelled through your breast milk…”

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