Part 2 GE Salmon: Breeds easy in the Wild!


Center for Food Safety | News Room | New Study Indicates GE Salmon Can Contaminate Wild Brown Trout.

2. Read an extract of an Yale Environment 360 Online Debate between AquaBounty Technologies’ CEO, Elliot Entis & GM Fish Critic & Author, Paul Greenberg

3. “Brown trout is a species that sometimes breeds with salmon. While cross-breeding between salmon and trout occurs infrequently in the wild — at a rate of only about one per cent — previous studies have found that when farmed salmon escape from hatcheries or fish farms into the wild, the rate increases to as high as 41 per cent, the researchers said.”

4. “Following FDA approval, AquaBounty hopes to sell its salmon eggs to farmers and expand to markets in Argentina, Canada, Chile and China. To sell AquAdvantage fish in the United States, each farm would require separate FDA approval, but because the food safety of the fish has already been vetted, the approval process would require only an environmental evaluation”

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