Part 3 GE Salmon: “Is the GM Salmon Safe?: A look at the Data on the Health & Environment Risks” -VIDEO

You would want to open up this File for the Slides, while listening to the Presentation:
Hansen Slideshow

***50 Minutes Presentation VIDEO (followed by Q&A -40mins)

Risks of GE Salmon -Dr Michael Hansen (2013) -EXTREMELY GOOD VIDEO

Worth the watch if you are concerned for your and family’s future!

(Dr Michael Hansen (Ph.D), is a biologist, an ecologist, a Senior Scientist at Consumers Union in US, represents Consumers International, and an international expert for 2 different FAO/WHO Joint Expert Consultations
-Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Genetically Modified Animals, including Fish (2003)
-Safety Assessment of Foods Derived from Recombinant DNA Animals (2004))

In January 2013, FDA released its Safety Assessment of the GE Atlantic Salmon (last step), a project which AquaBounty intended for egg-production on PEI(Prince Edward Island), then have the GE Salmon grown in Panama and to be returned to US for the consumer market; of which, the Safety Assessment deemed by Dr Michael Hansen as “GARBAGE” due to the lack of extensive Data leading to FDA’s conclusion.

Dr Hansen said that when he showed the Assessment to any scientist, no one would stand up for such Assessment.

He made an interesting point that FDA who has only assessed Drugs is using the way which they assess drugs to assess animals, here, Genetically Engineered Animals.

Dr Hansen reckoned that if the AquaBounty project got approved upon the “low standards” of such Assessment, such standard will also set the benchmark for all future assessments on GE Animals.

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