Your Fish Oil May Contain LARD! -VIDEO

This is actually Part 2 of an interview with Dr Rudi Moerck, a specialist in Omega-3 Fats who has been very involved in the manufacturing of drugs.

I am posting this video ahead of Part 1 as Part 2 gives more on the comparison between Krill and Fish Oils.

I myself have stopped taking Fish Oil last year after doing other research and have instead been taking Krill Oil on the basis of easier absorption by our body of the DHA and EPA due to the phospholipid structure of the Omega-3s in Krill Oil (unlike Fish Oil which has to “undergo Hydrolysis before being absorbed into cells”) before seeing this video.

After listening to both parts of the video, I am all more convinced to encourage the consumption of Krill Oil over Fish Oil.

“Krill oil (is) nearly 200 times more resistant to OXIDATIVE DAMAGE (as) compared to fish oil!”
(Dr Joseph Mercola’s comment)

I will post on Part 1 of the interview tomorrow where you will learn more about Dr Moerck’s background and experiences and How Fish Oil is being manufactured and the problems involved.

Read the Full Article and Comments by Dr Mercola:

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