Soybean prevents Colon, Liver and Lung Cancers?

► Significant inhibition of colon, lung and liver cancer cells by approximately 70%

► First study to report anti-cancer bioactive peptides from high oleic acid soybeans

► Utilized by-product from soybeans to prepare bioactive peptides

► Minimum effective concentration for cancer cell inhibition activity — 600 μg/mL

“Soybean meal, a co-product after oil extraction from seeds, is rich in protein.”

In the study, Soybean Peptide Fractions / GI (gastrointestinal) Resistant Peptides (from isolated protein using soybean meal) were demonstrated to be “a source of bioactivity against colon, liver and lung cancer cell proliferation“.

“High oleic acid soybean lines, and high protein soybean line were used for this study. …  Protein isolates were prepared …to generate peptide hydrolysates.  After determining gastrointestinal resistance of the peptide hydrolysates they were fractionated into definite molecular sizes …and tested against human colon, liver, and lung cancer cell lines.”

Peptide fractions from the High Oleic Acid Soybean lines showed cell growth inhibition of

-73% of colon cancer,

-70% of liver cancer cells and

-68% of lung cancer cells.

and inhibitory effect was significant at higher concentrations and gradually decreased with decreased concentrations.

Reference Source:
Peptides derived from high oleic acid soybean meals inhibit colon, liver and lung cancer cell growth.

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