WIll you soon be eating GM Cabbage with Scorpion Poison?

“Pesticide will end up in the bodies of people who eat the cabbage.  Thus, human beings will become the unofficial pesticide sinks, instead of the environment.”

AAiT, which is known to be poisonous to insects.”

“The LD50—the point at which 50% of the insects die—was recorded at only 0.13 μM when AAiT was applied directly.  They found a difference of “2 orders of magnitude” when the toxin was directly applied instead of ingested.  That’s a huge difference—and would tend to suggest that the scorpion toxin won’t be all that effective in the plants, since it must be ingested by insects.  So, in all likelihood, sprays will still be used.”

The legacy of Roundup Ready, glyphosate-resistant, crops has been superweeds that not only are resistant to glyphosate, but grow much bigger and faster than the original weeds.”

Use of genetically modified seeds tends to come with codicils that lock the buyer, and even subsequent users of the land, into buying nothing else.”

“Testing was not performed on live people, nor was it performed on normal healthy cells.  It was tested on MCF-7 breast cancer cells—not exactly normal human cells.”

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