GE Crops-your future? -MUST watch VIDEO!

Theirry Vrain has retired as a soil biologist and had previously been heavily involved with nematode resistance genes engineering in crops.

Vrain delves into the so-called ‘magic’ HERBICIDE.

Claims by the manufacturer that the ‘magic’ HERBICIDE is safe to Soil, Animals, Humans…a herbicide which LIKES water but does NOT affect water…NOR does it affect environment…the important marketing tool was that crops were possible with NO WEEDs!

Subsequently the marketable product of a ‘magic’ INSECTICIDE… INSTANT gratification!  No spraying needed!  No Pests will exist as the Insecticide is IN-BUILT in crops!

ge crops

HT and BT are the 2 technologies invented 25 years ago and have overtaken Agriculture.

More than 90% of Soy Beans crops and 80% of Corn in many countries are Herbicide-Tolerant and most large crops such as CANOLA, sugar beets and even India’s cotton have been engineered to be Herbicide-Tolerant.

However, both crops and insects are now becoming resistant to herbicides and insecticides alike.

38 species of weeds are now RESISTANT to the technologies and 1/2 acreage of USA are infested with such SUPERWEEDs.

These GE technologies are not only Environment but Genetic contaminants.

Imagine the safety of organic crops.  Have you ever thought that the pollens from a next-door GE crops could have flown across and contaminate the organic crops?

There is also the Lateral Gene Transfer (moving between themselves) and GE genes have been proven to be in one’s guts as there may be the probability that those GE genes may have moved from the crops to the soil and also to the bacteria in one’s guts.

There is also an alarming discovery where in 2012, studies found that every sample from many samples taken from rivers in China contained antibiotic-RESISTANT bacteria which came from synthetic genes from GE crops or labs which implicates huge problems for OUR FUTURE regarding medical issues.

Most GE researches have predominantly been sponsored by the biotech industries where a minority are done by universities particularly in Europe.  The common contrast in findings is that researches sponsored by biotech industries always showed that genetic engineering is innocuous whereas those done by academics showed that more had to be reviewed and tested prior to putting such GE products on the market for consumption.

Alarm bells of such technologies are not new and have been around since 1998; first from a scientist in Scotland.


There should only be ONE protein in each crop.

“Bt and Ht CORN, Ht SOYBEAN and Ht CANOLA all have variant proteins, different from what the Biotech Industry reports.” –Institute of Public Health, Brussels, Belgium

“Bt CORN causes Anaphylactic Response.” –Journal of Immunology

“Rats fed ROUNDUP READY CORN have damaged Liver and Kidneys.” –Food and Chemical Toxicology

“Mice fed GM soy have damaged Testicles, Uterus and Ovaries.” –European Journal of Histochemistry


Listen to the video above which is only 17mins… great stuff to know for yourself and your next generations…


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