Methanol & Aspartame; Poisoning; and Multiple Sclerosis -1.5hrs VIDEO

“You canNOT undo the damage done by Methanol Alcohol.  You can stop the consumption of it and let the body heal itself.”   -Dr Woodrow Monte

I rate this video with 9.5/10; the best out of all the videos I’ve put up so far!  Yes, it’s lengthy but I’ve listened to it several times to absorb all that Dr Monte is saying.  He touched on so many issues that you would NOT want to miss.

If you or anyone you care for is Smoking, taking Drugs, Pregnant, consuming Processed Foods, Canned Foods, Liquor/Alcohol, Coke, Diet Sodas, Carbonated Beverages, Sweetened Water, Flavored Drinks, Chewing Gums, Blackcurrants, Bottled Juices, Tomato Sauces or at Fast Food Chain Outlets, or has MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, this is a Video you do NOT want to miss!   This video has such valuable information which will impact on your decisions in your daily choices if you give a pass on this video.  Though a lengthy video, you will not regret watching.

Dr Woodrow Monte, Ph.D, R.D., a Professor Emeritus and Director of the Food Science and Nutrition Laboratory at Arizona State University explained to Dr Joseph Mercola about Methanol, Ethanol, Aspartame, the links between Methanol, Formaldehyde and the different Diseases caused including Autoimmune Diseases and what happens especially when Formaldehyde is added into water.

He talked about Vaccines, how they are made making use of Formaldehyde and how the role of Macrophage can change from beneficial to harmful.  (You would have to watch the video to see how he got so excited when he found Dr Mercola being on par with what he was talking about!!).

He talked widely on several issues, including packed foods or juices irregardless whether they are contained in cans, glass jars, or aseptically packages, where the very volatile 1-carbon Methanol Alcohol is produced due to the chemical reaction of the contained foods.

You will be surprised to find out why:

  • a simple Pasta made with instant Tomato Sauces can be the MOST TOXIC meal that you can have;
  • you should never eat any brownish decaying parts of fruits (though it’s basic common sense..?);
  • you should avoid blackcurrant or its juices and the measure of toxic it can give your body (almost equivalent to Diet Sodas?)..

Towards the end, Dr Monte illustrated on the similarities of symptoms of Methanol Poisoning and Multiple Sclerosis and the link to people who consume Aspartame.

A very interesting point he made was that Methanol Alcohol is smaller than water and can be absorbed into any part of the body within 20 minutes including the fetus.

Lastly, do you know that there is NO Chewing Gum (excluding non-sweet) in US that has no Aspartame in it?  Every Singe Chewing Gum you chew has Aspartame and think about how much Methanol Alcohol is absorbed into your body!

Watch the Video!!


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